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How Does Bookkeeping Work with EVA Business Solutions?

Do you have access to accurate financial reports? If you had a surprise audit today, would you be ready?  

Outsourcing the bookkeeping and accounting functions of your business is a cost-effective way to manage your books without the overhead cost of a fulltime CFO or controller. At EVA Business Solutions, our bookkeeping angels provide a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services tailored to meet your specific needs.  

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • A team of professionals to manage your bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Refocus your energy on cultivating your customers and growing your business
  • Accurate, customized financial reports when you need them
  • No employment cost for wages, payroll taxes, benefits, or vacation time
  • Impress potential partners and investors by having all systems, controls, and reports in place
As a client you can call or email us at any time if you have a bookkeeping problem, or if you have a general question.

How Customized Bookkeeping Works

Do you need to see a specific report each week, or each quarter? At EVA Business Solutions, we customize our bookkeeping services to meet each client’s particular needs. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your needs, and then we create an accounting system that will grow with your business, allowing you to:

  • Assess your needs and future goals
  • Design a customized system that will grow with your business
  • Create a customized chart of accounts
  • Establish accounts payable and receivable policies and procedures
  • Design a payroll system
  • The types of financial reports you will want to see and when

EVA Business Solutions is a member of the QuickBooks® ProAdvisor certified program and qualified to help you troubleshoot any operational challenges. Our team of professionals will help you keep your back office running smoothly and error-free all year long.

Security and Access to Financial Records

We will never have the ability to move money or sign checks on your behalf. Our access to this information will be set up through your bank by you to allow us access to “view-only” your banking credit card, and other financial information. Your financial institution should be able to give your bookkeeper “view-only” access. You will be the only person with access to this information. We use QuickBooks online to host your bookkeeping records.

Our Bookkeeping Expertise

Eva Business Solutions offers a robust range of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services with the flexibility to meet your needs. We provide services locally and work with remote clients in all 50 states. Our qualified team of Bookkeepers, Accountants, and Certified Public Accountants have a combined 80+ years of knowledge in a diverse range of industries and vertical markets with demonstrated experience to help you grow your business

Customized Fees

We will work with you to establish fees for services based on your needs. We can offer flat weekly, monthly, or quarterly payment options to help keep you in line with your budget. The reason we bill this way is that we hate charging clients for picking up the phone or responding to an email.

We base our fees on indicators including but not limited to:

  • Transaction volume
  • How often you will require updates
  • Specialized reporting

Whatever your bookkeeping needs may be, we can design a system to meet your reporting and budgetary requirements!

Customized Reporting and Documentation

EVA Business Solutions can create the financial reporting tools you need to make better decisions. Gain essential insights through a more explicit cash flow statement or variance analysis. We create budgeting and forecasting models based on how your business works.

Many businesses find they need documentation or reporting before engaging in a merger, acquisition, sale, or partnership. EVA Business Solutions manages routine back-office functions, and we also can assist you with complex challenges.

Whether you need daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reporting, EVA Business Solutions can help.

EVA Business Solutions is available to review your business’s needs and provide you with a free quote.
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