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A Full Compliment of Tax Services for Our Valued Clients

Tuthill & Shea provides CPA and EA reviewed tax returns, tax planning, tax resolution, and retirement planning for clients of EVA Business Solutions.  This allows for greater financial transparency and movement between the two firms, removing you as the middleman between your tax and financial advisors and your bookkeeper.

Tax Preparation Services

Do you know what your tax liability will be next year? Will you have this information in time to make informed decisions that could reduce or offset your tax liability?  

We offer expert preparation of federal, state, and local tax returns and our partner, Tuthill & Shea, offer advanced tax strategies and strategic tax planning to minimize your tax liability to the lowest legally allowed. We offer a variety of tax preparation services to help you with: 

  • Small to mid-sized businesses 
  • Nonprofits 
  • Personal Tax  
  • State and local tax preparation  
  • Tax planning  
  • Tax preparation 
  • Tax Resolution 
  • Retirement Planning 

When preparing tax returns, we work to minimize the chance of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.  

Individual Tax Preparation

We provide personal tax services that allow you to make informed decisions about personal tax reporting. We will work with you to identify every opportunity for tax savings and will educate you about tax incentives that can implement to reduce your taxes.

Company Tax Preparation

The type of business you have will define your tax regulations for filing. Your personal tax structure may relate to your business tax structure, so we will work with you develop viable personal and business tax planning objectives a personalized to meet your needs. Some examples of different tax structures include:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation

Other Tax Preparation Considerations

  • New business, opened during the current tax year
  • A portion of your company was sold
  • Your entire company was sold
  • You are thinking of selling your company next soon
  • You know about every deduction you are legally entitled to
  • Reforming your business structure to decrease your tax liability

Additional Tax Filing and Reporting

  • Annual report filing
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Business gross receipts taxes
  • Payroll taxes
  • Issues related to Worker’s comp
  • Personal taxes and estimated tax payments
  • Personal property tax

Tax Planning

EVA Business Solutions works with you to identify short term and long-term financial goals to develop a tax plan that allows you to take advantage of every credit and deduction you are entitled to under the law. We will continue to revise this plan as new tax law and incentives emerge.

Do you know if your tax planning is taking advantage of all the beneficial tax law provisions?  

Federal income tax rules are more complex than ever, and good tax planning has never been more valuable. We work together with our clients to develop strategic tax planning goals that maximize the use of all applicable tax breaks under the Internal Revenue Code. This may include the following tax planning options:  

  • Deferring taxes 
  • Tax credits 
  • Financial planning strategies 
  • Retirement planning strategies 
  • Personal and business tax strategies  
  • Equipment or property sales and other major purchases 
  • Restructuring or changing your business filing status 

We offer the best legal strategies to reduce your taxes to the absolute minimum amount, taking advantage of every credit and deduction you are entitled to. We monitor our client’s situation throughout the year, so you are always equipped with options. 

Tax Resolution

Do you have unresolved tax liability issues with the IRS? 

As one of our valued clients, you can take advantage of our knowledge and expertise and let us help you resolve your tax liability issues. We offer back return filings to bring your records up to current filing status, and we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to negotiate an offer of compromise and create installment plans that work for you. Depending on your specific needs, our tax resolution services may include: 

  • Appeals 
  • Penalty and Interest Abatement 
  • Offers in Compromise 
  • Installment Agreements 
  • Tax Audits 
  • Tax Return Preparation 
  • Other services as required  

Retirement Planning

Have you evaluated your retirement plan lately? 

One of the many benefits of retirement planning is the peace of mind you get knowing that you have a plan that makes sense for your retirement goals.   

There are many types of retirement accounts, investment options, and tax considerations that we will help you navigate to create a retirement plan that fits your needs. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in ways we never thought possible. In consideration of these new challenges to the way we work and live, it is worth evaluating your current plan.  

New considerations include increasing or decreasing your plan contribution, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES), delaying your retirement date, or accessing emergency or other account funds may impact your retirement goals.  

A retirement plan is smart money management, and it also represents hefty tax savings to the selfemployed. We can set you up with the optimum plan and mix of assets for you. 

Offering a variety of

Tax Preparation Services